01. Daisy’s full name is Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley, but her “Star Wars name” (if we used her middle name, rather than her mum’s maiden name) would be Ridda Jazlo, which is pretty awesome.
02. She’s the youngest of five sisters, & they all watched Star Wars again after she was announced as the new lead.
03. She’s got a deaf and blind dog called Muffin.
04. Daisy previously popped up in the video for “Lights On” by Wiley (feat Angel & Tinchy Stryder), back in 2013.
05. And she was also in an episode of Casualty, which she says was more exciting than being in Star Wars.
06. You **would** have also seen her in ‘The Inbetweeners 2,’ had her scenes not been cut.
07. Daisy used to work in London pub, so we reckon she’d be right at home pulling space-pints in the infamous Mos Eisley cantina.
08.Her favourite film as a kid was ‘Matilda,’ because she wanted to “be a girl who could make a jug of water tip into a glass”.
09.The Force is fierce with this one: Daisy’s fave TV show is ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’.
10. For Halloween, she and her friends did ‘Drag or Die’, & she went as her favourite queen Trinity K. Bonet.
11. Her hidden talent is knitting; she makes really long scarves.
12. Daisy admits she’s not an “uberfan” of Star Wars, but she’s working on correcting her film knowledge.
13. However, her favourite character from the original films is Yoda.
14. Daisy had a “really weird feeling” which pushed her to audition for Rey; was it the Force?
15. It was months before she could tell anyone she’d bagged her big role, so she’s good at keeping secrets too.
16. You’re more likely to find her “going to the gym on the bus” rather than the red carpet.
17. She’s super-fit, & trained up to five times a week in order to perform her own stunts.
18. Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, gave her dating tips & advice on avoiding crazy superfans.
19. The first thing she said to Harrison Ford (Han Solo) was, “My mum’s a fan.”
20. She was sent to a performing arts school because she was very naughty as a kid, and her mum thought it would keep her busy.
21. But according to Star Wars co-star John Boyega (Finn) she still went on to steal Harrison Ford’s golf-cart for a drive while they were filming, because she was “bored”.
22. She was cast straight from school to E4’s ‘Youngers,’ playing a student called Jessie.
23. Acting is in the family: her great uncle was in ‘Dad’s Army’.
24. Her worst habit is singing; she lost a bet with J.J. Abrams that she couldn’t go a full day without bursting into song.
25. Luckily, according to her dad Daisy’s quite good at carrying a tune.
26. Daisy appears on the new Royal Mail Star Wars postage stamps, along with droid BB-8.
27. Director J.J Abrams told her off for talking to the BB-8 bot like a child, reminding her he’s actually a serious character.
28. She’s not a fan of Rey’s goggles. They’re good for the desert, but not hygiene, “There was a lot of dribble,” she says.
29. Rey apparently has a resting bitch-face; when Daisy had to be scanned so they could make all the new toys, she says Rey’s facial expression “tended to be a scowl.”
30. Her favourite piece of Ep VII merch is the bobblehead Rey, with its “Eyebrows on fleeeeeeeeek!”
31. She uses words like “fleeeeeek”.

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